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interfit has been part of Allied Group since 2018 and Allied is the sole distributor of Interfit in North America. Interfit specializes in Elbow manufacturing and these products are stocked in bulk quantities throughout North America!

Interfit, has been manufacturing and selling seamless buttweld elbows on carbon steel for over 60 years, with a yearly production capacity of 20,000 tons, 88 people employed and a commercial network over than 30 countries.

Seamless elbows up to 30" OD are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of three major challenging sectors: oil & gas, power generation and commercial industries.

Every stage of the manufacturing process follows the most stringent standards in the industry, with some phases highly automatized and the full traceability of the process, from the pipe sourcing to the full set of certificates.

The Interfit elbows are used in many varied applications: oil & gas transportation, refining & distribution, terminal construction, offshore exploration, platform production, chemical & petrochemical, cold & hot water, steam generation, industrial gases, furnace building, ship building, food industry.