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TRILAD Flange and Fittings Inc. is a successor company to TRILAD Inc. The ancestry of the original company dates to 1952 with the establishment of the Ladish Co. of Canada Ltd. in Brantford, Ontario.

TRILAD Flange became a part of the Allied Group of companies in November 2007 and moved its headquarters to Houston Texas.

TRILAD USA is focused on its core competencies, Large Diameter, High Pressure, and High Yield flanges. TRILAD specializes in flanges and fittings used in critical applications where a high degree of metallurgical quality assurance is required. The companies also have facilities to manufacture components and specialty items to customer design and specifications. Flanges and fittings 24” nominal pipe size and larger can be manufactured for use in gas pipelines, power plants, oil refineries, and the petrochemical industry.


  • Forged Flanges ½” to 60” 
  • Welding Necks, Blinds, Lap Joint, Reducing, Orifice
  • 150# through 2500#
  • B16.5, B16.47 Series A&B, MSS SP-44, CSA